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Artist made Star Wars 3D Print files cut and ready to print

3 to 6 free files per Month for only £9.99 !!!

Files are great for Diorama builds or full size for your man cave.  

Files can be scaled to your preference. 

Here's some of our files printed by our members, more files available in our cargo hold for subscribers. We have over 10,000 followers on FaceBook

Only £9.99 per month subscription/patreon and receive 3 to 6 free STL files per month. 

You can cancel at anytime but you can't rejoin, this stops people jumping in and out for cheap files. 

What's included?

Receive 3-6 artist made super high quality Star Wars STL 3D print files, cut and ready for printing each month; plus access to our Facebook build group for hints and tips.

You will be issued a password to enter our cargo hold if you wish to purchase old subscription files you missed out on from joining late. 

Old files cost between £9.99 up to £29.99 for full size Hansolo in carbonite. 

May the print force be with you.

Subscribe below and start printing today


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£9.99 Per Month 


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